Board Members

President- Kelly Walsh 

Director- Jason Stewart

Secretary- Shari Walsh 

Treasurer- Donnia Herrera

The fern 45 crew

*Back Row* Shane Mull, Kevin Montgomery, Casey Walsh, Anthony Monachelli

*Front Row* Staci Parker, Donnia Herrera, Koreena Warkentin, Hailee Allen, Shari Walsh, Kelsey Kibbe 

*Behind Check* Jason Stewart & Kelly Walsh

our ORIGIN story

Ahhhh....The Fern 45! 

Where do I start?

It started out just wanting to have a poker run in the desert with friends and family so I could share some cool trails and views with them. Shortly was planned! It just happened to be Veteran's day 2015! Figured we would charge our buddies 25 bucks, winner takes all with a party afterwards, sounded great! THEN IT CLICKED! "It's Veteran's day, why don't we donate to them?" After a couple calls to Mr. Brett Palmer of the Northern Nevada Veteran's Coalition, it was known that they could use a new laptop, we were on it! We will get you two! (Me being confident our friends could raise enough money to handle it) Thinking if we had 30 people show up it would be super fun and a party for the books. Boy, oh, boy I was mistaken! Somewhere around 135 people showed up, including the coalition themselves! We ended up getting them that laptop and 1200 bucks! The support from friends, family, and the community of Fernley was so awesome. I, personally, will never forget the parade of rigs marching up the dirt road to participate. The sense of pride overwhelming, to the point i almost cried. (Okay, not gonna lie, I shed a few tears) The team of my immediate family and a few friends has turned into a committed organization that's willing to donate their time, money, and huge efforts each year to keep the drive alive.

I like to call it "fun"draising! This will be our 5th year raising money for veteran's and their programs. On behalf of each crew member that has ever volunteered, no matter amount of time or energy; to all the sponsors, no matter amount donated; and especially to the 95A Speedway for providing the area to stage all you "off-road crazy-heads"! We have donated somewhere around $50,000 now!! I never thought this would be an annual event, but here we are.

Lets do this, have fun, be safe always...


-Kelly Walsh

(President/Founder of the Fern 45)

P.S. Catch me at the campfire and I'll fill ya in on the rest!


Our Donations

First Annual Fern 45- 2015

$1,200 and a New Laptop to Nevada Veterans Coaltion

We were expecting 40 close friends and family to participate in raising money for the Veteran's...and just by word of mouth, around 100 people showed up to support and ride trails in our Nevada Backyard. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many people were willing to donate their time and money to help support our Veterans. 

2nd Annual Fern 45- 2016

$7,500 to Nevada Veterans Coalition

Our event has grown! We have now started something we cannot stop! We are officially going to make this an Annual event! The monies donated to Nevada Veteran's Coalition will be used to ensure there is a wreath placed on each grave-site at the Northern Nevada Veteran's Memorial Cemetery. 

3rd Annual Fern 45- 2017

$10,000 to Nevada Veterans Coalition

WOW. We are incredibly grateful to be able to raise more and more money for our Veterans who have given their time and lives in order for us to be able to do this. Our donation is given to the NVC so they can continue to support the Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery and other Veteran's programs throughout the year. 

4th Annual Fern 45- 2018

$10,000 to Nevada Veterans Coalition 

$10,000 to Veterans Upward Bound-TMCC

We want to thank ALL of our donation and sponsors this year. The efforts of all of our donations/sponsors is what makes this possible. The Veterans Upward Bound Program is a free educational program for qualified, honorably discharged veterans who need support in preparing for success in their post-secondary education and training. 

5th Annual Fern 45- 2019

$15,500 to Nevada Veterans Coalition

We hope our appreciation for all who have donated their time and efforts does not go unnoticed. We are planning to be able to raise enough money next year to help Veteran's in need year-round. All of our donation this year will go to the NVC so they can continue to support our Nevada Veterans. 

6th Annual Fern 45- 2020

Our goal is to keep increasing this number each year! 


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