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We have a lot of frequently asked questions about our event, to makes things easier for us and you, here is a list of those questions!

Do I need to register everyone in my vehicle?

Yes. All persons in the vehicle must have a wristband.

I just want to ride the course, I don't want to play poker, how do I go about doing that? 

We do not have an option to ride the course without playing poker. If you are not interested in playing your card, you may give your card to someone else. Anyone without a course entry purchased is not allowed on our course. We have a course permit through BLM and are responsible for those on our course - we need everyone to be accounted for. Thank you. 

Will food be available to purchase Thursday, Friday and Saturday?

YES! Thursday, Friday and Saturday we plan on having Food Trucks available!

How hard is the course?

The course is beginner with *some" very short intermediate spots. If you have been off-roading anywhere in Nevada, you will be fine. 

Can I arrive early to camp?

No. Do not arrive any earlier than Thursday at 12:00p. Gates will be locked and you will be turned away. We will be busy setting up and making this event the best yet.

 Thank you. 

What vehicles are allowed on the course?

Dirtbikes, UTVs, ATVS & Jeeps or similar size. Anything bigger than a jeep might have some trouble in certain spots. 

What if the weather is bad?

This is a rain, snow or shine event! Check the weather before coming and bring appropriate attire. We will have campfires up at the venue. 

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered, please email us!

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