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Volunteer Sign-Up

Please fill out the form below!

As events get closer we will reach out with details 

For the Poker Run in November, you will receive lunch and a t-shirt on us the day of the event

"Put me in coach!" Crew

This is for anyone who wants to help with anything! We will let you know what you will be doing closer to the event.

Cardstop Crew

Each cardstop will need to be set up Saturday morning no later than 8:00am! You will be out there until 2:30p and will be brought lunch. Please provide your own EZ up, tables and chairs. If you do not have any - please let us know and we will find them.

Raffle Crew

Please get in touch with Ellen Tudor to join this crew! Please fill out the volunteer form as well so we can get your t-shirt size! 775-813-2046

Grounds Crew

This is our biggest crew and we will need people to help check-in our campers on Friday morning/afternoon, help restock the porta-potty's and give directions to our participants. They will need to be directed on where they can park their trailers and where the extra parking is. Bonus points for you if you have a ATV/UTV you can use to help direct people.

Registration Crew

We need all the help we can get on Saturday morning with registration. You will either be checking our participants in or helping run shirts for our VIPs. We will have a registration meeting prior to the event to go over how to do this and establish times you will be needed. Registration is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday so we will need people each day helping with that.

Vendor Crew

You will be in charge of directing vendors on where to go. Natalie will be your Vendor boss and will give you more instructions on what to do :

Cornhole Pit Crew

Our cornhole tourney is on Friday night, we will need pit bosses to record winners and relay to our Cornhole guru.

Wristband Checkers

Every person in the vehicle will need a wristband (or stamp for the kiddos) to enter the course. We will need people to sit at the entrance to check bands prior to entering the course. This will be on Saturday and we will assign times for each volunteer so you are not sitting there all day. Course opens at 9:30a and closes at 2:30p.

Merchandise Crew

This crew needs to be willing to work in a fast paced environment and run merch. Merch will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You will be assigned a time to be at merchandise to help. Kayleigh is in charge of merchandise and will let you know what to do. 775-636-0233

Set-Up Crew

Our set-up crew will be helping to set up the venue spaces and signage (parking, registration, stage, camping, crew site, etc.) on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday before the event.

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