Volunteer Sign-Up

Which crew would you like to sign-up for?

the fern 45 Crew**

 - Do you want to be involved year-round in the Fern 45? Our Fern 45 Crew holds monthly/weekly meetings in order to keep this event running each year. If you would like to become a committee/crew member and share some responsibility in making this event happen, Please contact "?" and we will find a spot for you! 

Set-up Crew

- Our set-up crew will be helping to set up the venue spaces (parking, registration, stage, camping, crew site, etc.) on Thursday/Friday before the event. If you would like to help with that. Please contact "?" to sign-up.

Registration crew**

- We need all the help we can get on Saturday morning with registration. You will either be checking our participants in, helping run shirts/sweatshirts or giving our sponsors their packages. We will have a registration meeting prior to the event to go over the necessary info. You will need to arrive at our registration tables no later than 7:00am on Saturday and will be helping out until registration closes. Please contact kelseyfern45@gmail.com to sign-up.

Card Stop crew**

- Our card stop crew will be at the card stops on the course all day until everyone has made it through the course. You will be our there from approximately 9:00am-4:30ish. We will provide you with the necessary items to punch poker cards and we will provide lunch. You will need to bring your own chairs, EZ-Up, drinks, etc. Your job is to have our participants draw a chip, punch their card with the corresponding number and KEEP THE LINE MOVING, Please contact kellyfern45@gmail.com to sign-up

Sweepers/Clean-up Crew

- Sweepers are needed to sweep the course and make sure nobody is out on the course once we announce the run is over. We need dirt bike riders who are confident in following course directions and can easily navigate course terrain. Please contact kellyfern45@gmail.com to sign-up. 

-  Clean-Up crew will be needed Sunday morning to help take down tents, pick-up trash, clean-up campsites, and take down course markings. It is imperative that we leave our backyard how we found it with no trash or evidence we were ever there. Please contact kellyfern45@gmail.com to sign-up. 

Camp check-in/help**

- We need about 2 people to help check-in our campers on Friday morning/afternoon. They will need to be directed on where they can park their trailers. Please contact kelseyfern45@gmail.com to sign-up.

-Our camp help crew will make sure people are driving 5mph in the camp area and camp rules are being followed. Please contact kelseyfern45@gmail.com to sign-up.

raffle/Decor crew 

-Our raffle/decor crew will be helping putting raffle prizes together and making them "look pretty", Throughout the year we will be getting tons of donations and we don't have time to put them together as soon as we get them. So, a date will be set to organize, list and put together raffle prizes. We will also need people who will want to help sell tickets at our Raffle table on Saturday and mark sold raffle prizes during the live raffle portion of our event. Please contact "?" to sign-up.

cornhole crew

- Our cornhole crew will be needed on Friday and Saturday night. We need a "Bracket Boss" who is familiar with filling out a double elimination bracket. We need pit crew people to make sure each pit is running smoothly, get the winner from the teams and report it to our Bracket Boss. Please note that you will not be able to play in the cornhole tourney if you are volunteering. Please call or text Jason at 775-781-6946 to sign-up.

Vendor crew**

-Our vendor crew will be in charge of telling our food vendors, off-road vendors, etc. where to park. You will need to be available on Saturday and allow our vendors to contact you the day of the event. Please contact "?" to sign-up. 

*please note that if you volunteer for these crews you will not be able to run the course on saturday.