Our Mission

The sole purpose of our non-profit organization is to raise money each year for the Nevada Veteran's Coalition and other veteran's programs. We provide an opportunity for our community to celebrate their loved veterans, past and present, while also getting to experience our beautiful Nevada backyard. 

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Raising money for the Nevada veterans coalition since 2014

Nov 05, 12:00 PM
95A Motorsports Complex
Pre-Registration opens July 4th!

Our participants

The experience was awesome! Trails were marked great, camping was perfect!
Hats of to the Crew and organization of the event! Most importantly the Vets!
Thank you all!!

- Ricky Seaver

Been attending since #1....outstanding event, supports my fellow dirt chewers! Semper Fi!

- Jeff Ritchie

Great event for an even greater cause. Thank You Fern 45 for this event.

-Mike -N- Sandi Curtis

l want to thank all the organizers of the fern 45. My wife and I found out about this very late We're all in once we went we got involved.
We want to thank you for what you guys and gals are doing for our military veterans
The event was dirty, dusty, loud, well run and most of all a super good time. This is on our yearly event planner from now on. Semper fi! See you all next year.

P.S. Where do we sign up at for 2020. lol

-Jay Dargert

A great time with great people! Will do again next year!

-Charles Parmenter

Awesome fun has been had by all, it's the first year for my Navy Girl! She giggled like a 2nd grader on both trails!

- Shawna Woosley

The Nevada Veteran's Coalition was originally chartered July 1992 as the Veterans Memorial Cemetery Support Group of Northern Nevada. We will continue to serve in the same spirit and with the same dedication as intended by our founder, David E. Parsons.

Join Our Mission by Helping Ensure That the Sacrifices of Our Heroes are Never Forgotten. Sponsor a Wreath for a Fallen Service Member. More than 1,600 U.S. Cemetery Locations. We Remember Their Lives. Remember, Honor and Teach. Remember Fallen Veterans.

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