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First time attending? Check out our typical schedule! 2024 will have some changes, but you get the jist!

*Please note the events with ** are not set in stone and could change based on how the day is going.


Be sure to keep an ear out by the venue to hear everything that is going on and any updates! 

If you see red white and blue ribbon, you're on the course. 



**VIP WRISTBANDS - once these are tightened they cannot be loosened so be careful**

  • Tents, Motorhomes, Big ol' Trailers....all are welcome!

  • FCFS (First come first serve) - no savings spots please. If you are interested in a first choice campsite, become a sponsor! 

  • No more than 3 trailers to create a "U" 

  • Only one full-sized vehicle per campsite - additional parking is available north and east of the circle track. 

  • Dry Camping 


  • Fires must be in pits 

  • 5MPH in camping area- please be courteous of others and watch out for the kiddos 




12:00 Camping/Check-In/Registration/Merch Opens

Please do not show up any earlier than 12:00. IF you are not camping but would like to check-in and get your merch - come on down! 

3:00 Food Trucks/BAR/cornhole boards OPEN

  • FryDays 

  • Fernley Taco Truck 

3:30 registration/check-in closes 

If you are arriving later than this, please set up your campsite and meet us at check-in in the morning

4:00 The tap wagon opens

5:00 Texas hold em check-in 

  • Bring your QR Code if you pre-registered OR come sign up to play

(you don't need to know how to play, perfect time to learn!)

6:00 Texas hold em starts 

  • Live music by Walker Jackson

7:00 The tap wagon closes 

8:00 Merchandise closes 

9:00 Last song - Walker JAckson 

10:00 Fern 45 bar closes 

FRIDAY 11/3 

7:00 Breakfast/Coffee/BAR open

  • All Points Grill 

  • Dyrt Coffee 

  • Fern45 Bloody Mary's & Mimosas

7:30 Registration/Check-in & MERCH open

9:00 Fern45 bar closed 

10:00 Vendors open 

11:30 registration/merch closed for lunch

12:00 Fern 45 Bar open

1:00 Registration/Merch opens 

3:00 Tap wagon & food trucks open 

  • FryDays 

  • Fernley Taco Truck 

  • Steak it Up 

  • Bite Me 

  • All Points Grill 

  • Dyrt Coffee

3:30 Cornhole check in / registration closes  

Bring your QR code confirmation & your team name! 

4:00 cornhole tourney starts

Stay in the cornhole area!

Your team will have 5 minutes to get to your boards after the announcer calls your team name - if you are not at your boards you will forfeit that game. 

6:00-? karaoke begins

We want to hear those beautiful voices of yours! 

9:00 tap Wagon closes 

10:00 Fern 45 bar closes 


6:30 Breakfast/coffee/merch opens

  • All Points Grill 

  • Dyrt Coffee 

  • Fern45 Bloody Mary's

7:00 Registration/check-in/Sponsor check in open

GA Entries available! 

8:00  MERCH CLOSES FOR 3 hours


8:30 Opening ceremonies  

Presenting of the colors by the Nevada Veterans Coalition - Honor Guard and singing of the National Anthem by Trisha Zinda. 

8:30* Riders meeting

Please go to riders meeting! This is where Kelly will be announcing any danger zones, explaining signage and course markings. We will also have volunteers handing out programs and stickers during!

9:00** Poker Run starts / Registration closed 

We will stagger start (dirt bikes, atvs, etc.)  - if you aren't in a hurry to get out there or you have a big group, feel free to head back to your trailer to get anything you need and then head out!

Registration will be transformed into the "6th" cardstop - get your remaining punches and purchase up to 2 extra chip pulls for $20 ea! 

(p.s. almost all our previous winners have done this)

10:00 vendors open

11:00 Lunch begins 

  • FryDays 

  • Fernley Taco Truck 

  • Steak it Up 

  • Bite Me 

  • All Points Grill 

  • Dyrt Coffee

2:30 Cardstops closed 

Didn't get a chance to get to all cardstops? Follow the course back to the venue and stop by the 5th & 6th Cardstop at the venue to finish your remaining chip pulls!

3:00 poker board goes up 

The numbers on your card will correspond to numbers on this board! When finished getting all your numbers, check your hand - if you didn't win, write your name on the yellow portion, tear off and place in the bin by the stage to enter to win the door prize!

4:00** winner announced - $500 cash! 

We will announce the winner as soon as everyone has come back to the venue and pulled all their chips & checked their cards. 

4:30 Raffle begins

Must be present to win!

5:00 auction items announced 


5:30 gun raffle - winners chosen

Check out Vet Mech Arms booth to enter!

6:00 teacher band!  

9:00 tap Wagon/merch closes 

10:00 Fern 45 bar closes or party stops  

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